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Identifying locations of nodes in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is critical to both network operations and most application level tasks. Sensor nodes equipped with geographical positioning system (GPS) devices are aware of their locations at a precision level of few meters. However, installing GPS devices on a large number of sensor nodes is not only(More)
Security concerns of safety-critical systems increase due to interconnections of systems. This paper tries to outline future security requirements in avionics and issues in assessing the reliability of software from the safety and security perspective. Quantitative work on software reliability has focused on requirements-to-code translation, software(More)
Lack of a commonly defined maintainability model hinders us from evaluating and certifying products with respect to maintainability. We cannot compare different products within and across organisations. We have difficulties to evolve and maintain software. We cannot try new development paradigms and evaluate their effects on product maintainability. We have(More)
Markov random field modeling is a powerful parallel processing paradigm which can appropriately deal with the huge amount of data in the domain of low-level image processing problems. This paper describes a novel combined simulation and semiconductor-technology independent VLSI design environment for Markov random field based processing models and systems.(More)
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