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259 patients with stage I non-seminomatous germ-cell testicular teratoma who were treated by orchidectomy alone and monitored at one often centres in the United Kingdom were followed for a median of 30 months. 62 of the 70 relapses occurred in the first 18 months after orchidectomy. The 2-year relapse-free rate was 74%, falling to 68% at 4 years.(More)
There is considerable inter-study and inter-individual variation in the scalp location of parietal sites where transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) may modulate visuospatial behaviours (e.g. see Ryan, Bonilha, & Jackson, 2006); and no clear consensus on methods for identifying such sites. Here we introduce a novel TMS "hunting paradigm" that allows(More)
Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is notoriously chemoresistant. Current management of metastatic disease usually includes immunological agents of which the most clearly evaluated is alpha interferon. Following the failure of such agents no clear second-line therapy exists. The use of a novel combination of cisplatin, irinotecan and mitomycin may offer some(More)
BACKGROUND Noninvasive cortical stimulation could represent an add-on treatment to enhance motor recovery after stroke. However, its clinical value, including anticipated size and duration of the treatment effects, remains largely unknown. OBJECTIVE The authors designed a small semi-randomized clinical trial to explore whether long-lasting clinically(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is an increasingly popular clinical screening tool for detecting cognitive impairment in stroke, but few studies have directly compared performance on the MoCA with neuropsychological assessment. Our retrospective study examined the extent to which intact performance on the MoCA reflects intact(More)
The aim of this study was to define prognostic parameters for survival in patients with malignant germ cell tumours progressing after platinum-based induction chemotherapy with or without surgery. A total of 164 progressing patients (testicular: 83%, extragonadal: 17%) were identified out of 795 patients treated with platinum-based induction chemotherapy(More)
The management of androgen independent prostate cancer is increasingly disputed. Diethylstilbestrol and steroids have useful second-line activity in its management. The value of chemotherapy still remains contentious. This paper reports a phase 2 study of two orally active chemotherapy drugs in patients who are absolutely hormone refractory having failed(More)
The role of the cerebellum is well characterized for many motor processes and for some cognitive tasks, although its contribution to lateralized spatial judgement has never been probed directly. To address this omission, we investigated the effects of cerebellar disruption on two different line bisection tasks in eight healthy subjects. Based on previous(More)