Rupert C. D. Young

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PURPOSE To assess the utility of texture analysis of liver computed tomographic (CT) images by determining the effect of acquisition parameters on texture and by comparing the abilities of texture analysis and hepatic perfusion CT to help predict survival for patients with colorectal cancer. MATERIALS AND METHODS The study comprised a phantom test and a(More)
OBJECTIVES This feasibility study aims to develop 3-dimensional (3D) selective-scale texture analysis of computed tomography pulmonary angiography to identify texture correlates for ventilated and vascular lung for visual and quantitative assessment of pulmonary disorders with altered vasculature. MATERIALS AND METHODS Computed tomography pulmonary(More)
Asperger syndrome (AS) is an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) characterised by qualitative impairment in the development of emotional and social skills with relative preservation of general intellectual abilities, including verbal language. People with AS may nevertheless show atypical language, including rate and frequency of speech production. We previously(More)
A useful filter for pattern recognition must strike a compromise between the conflicting requirements of in-class distortion tolerance and out-of-class discrimination. Such a filter will be bandpass in nature, the high-frequency response being attenuated to provide less sensitivity to in-class variations, while the low frequencies must be removed, since(More)
A new stereophotolithography technique utilizing a spatial light modulator (SLM) to create three-dimensional components with a planar, layer-by-layer process of exposure is described. With this procedure it is possible to build components with dimensions in the range of 50 mum-50 mm and feature sizes as small as 5 mum with a resolution of 1 mum. A(More)
AIM To determine how hepatic entropy and uniformity of computed tomography (CT) images of the liver change after the administration of contrast material and to assess whether these additional parameters are more sensitive to tumour-related changes in the liver than measurements of hepatic attenuation or perfusion. MATERIALS AND METHODS Hepatic(More)
AIM This pilot study investigates whether heterogeneity in focal breast lesions and surrounding tissue assessed on mammography is potentially related to cancer invasion and hormone receptor status. MATERIALS AND METHODS Texture analysis (TA) assessed the heterogeneity of focal lesions and their surrounding tissues in digitized mammograms from 11 patients(More)
Brain imaging studies contribute to the neurobiological understanding of Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASC). Herein, we tested the prediction that distributed neurodevelopmental abnormalities in brain development impact on the homogeneity of brain tissue measured using texture analysis (TA; a morphological method for surface pattern characterization). TA was(More)
T he Hough transform is a useful technique in the detection of straight lines and curves in an image. Due to the mathematical similarity of the Hough transform and the forward Radon transform, the Hough transform can be computed using the Radon transform which, in turn, can be evaluated using the central slice theorem. This involves a two-dimensional(More)
Plant pest recognition and detection is vital for food security, quality of life and a stable agricultural economy. This research demonstrates the combination of the k-means clustering algorithm and the correspondence filter to achieve pest detection and recognition. The detection of the dataset is achieved by partitioning the data space into Voronoi cells,(More)