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The security of one's belongings when a person leaves his/her house is always a concern with increasing number of incidents of theft, robbery etc. Many automated systems has been developed which informs the owner in a remote location about any intrusion or attempt to intrude in the house. 8051 has been extensively used in past projects. However, this paper(More)
MANET is an infrastructure less, dynamic, decentralised network. Any node can join the network and leave the network at any point of time. Due to its simplicity and flexibility, it is widely used in military communication, emergency communication, academic purpose and mobile conferencing. In MANET there no infrastructure hence each node acts as a host and(More)
Firewalls today are an integrated part of security mechanism of any organization or institution. Firewalls throughout the years have evolved merely from static rule mapping to understanding the dynamic behavior of traffic and react accordingly. Different firewall techniques operating in several layers of the TCP/IP model have been proposed by different(More)
Cryptography is an important field in the area of data encryption. There are different cryptographic techniques available varying from the simplest to complex. One of the complex symmetric key cryptography techniques is using Data Encryption Standard Algorithm. This paper explores a unique approach to generation of key using fingerprint. The generated key(More)
Today in Modern Society Face Recognition has gained much attention in the field of network multimedia access. After the 9/11 tragedy in India, the need for technologies for identification, detection and recognition of suspects has increased. One of the most common biometric recognition techniques is face recognition since face is the convenient way used by(More)
A mobile ad hoc network (MANETs) is a self-organizing system of mobile nodes that communicate with each other via wireless links with no fixed infrastructure or centralized administration such as base station or access points. MANETs nodes can communicate directly if they are in each other transmission range; else the relay nodes are forwarding the packets(More)
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