Rupam Deb

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BACKGROUND Rectal cancer constitutes about one-third of all gastrointestinal (GI) tract tumors. Because of the high recurrence rates (30%) in rectal cancer, it is vitally important to accurately stage these tumours preoperatively so that appropriate surgical resection can be undertaken. MRI is the ideal technique for the preoperative staging of these(More)
— The problem of traffic management has been widely recognized as critical to the development of an operational Internet. The goal of traffic management is to efficiently allocated network resources including buffers and bandwidth and provides the negotiated QoS guarantees to users. Rate based Congestion control schemes promises effective traffic management(More)
Lower storage capacity and slower access time are the main problems of the Database Management S ystem (DBMS). In this paper, we have been compared the storage and access time between the columnar multi-block vector structure (CMBVS) and Oracle 9i server. The experimental results shown that CMBVS is about 31 times efficient in storage cost and 21-70 times(More)
Primary small intestinal liposarcomas originating in the small bowel are uncommon with a generally poor prognosis due to the advanced stage at the time of diagnosis. We describe a case of primary small bowel dedifferentiated liposarcoma presenting as a solid mass in the right iliac fossa. The current case is unusual as the tumour seemingly originated from(More)
As transferring video through internet and cellular phone become popular day by day, the importance of encrypting some of these also increases. To achieve that, many researchers proposed a lot of algorithms to encrypt MPEG files. In this paper we have proposed a new algorithm for MPEG encryption by using combination of Zigzag, Partitioning and Swapping. In(More)
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