Rupali Sharma

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This paper focuses on employing adaptive scales for computation of perceptually scaled continuous wavelet transform coefficients (CWT) and adaptive thresholding of these coefficients for speech enhancement. The adaptive scales and thresholds both were decided on the basis of the noise level of the noisy speech signal. The CWT coefficients were scaled(More)
This paper proposes a speech signal enhancement method in which the wavelet transform scales and thresholds both are adaptive depending on the input noisy signal affected by Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN). The proposed Estimated Noise and Adaptive Threshold Bionic Wavelet Transform (ENAT-BWT) method analyses the incoming noisy speech signal at 22(More)
AIM To determine the knowledge in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) process, preference for CPR, and desire to participate in end-of-life decision making amongst older hospitalised patients. METHOD We prospectively interviewed 100 participants above 65 years of age awaiting discharge from acute medical ward and collected demographics, knowledge of CPR(More)
As tremendous growth of cloud computing services in real time applications allows end users of cloud to share their data with each other easily. Multi user data sharing should be secure and integrity should be achieved on cloud. To achieve the data security the methods like IBE (Identity Based Encryption), ABE (Attribute Based Encryption) etc. are widely(More)
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