Rupali Sani

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India is a vast country in terms of natural resources and considered one of the mega- biodiversity countries in the world. The freshwater aquatic resources of the different river basins are unevenly distributed in space and time and the country is suffering from the increasing population and shortage of all kind of natural resources like water. To fulfill(More)
Effects of local habitat variables on the structure of fish assemblage were evaluated from 50 sampling sites in a tropical River of Central India of the Ganges basin with limited anthropogenic disturbance covering premonsoon, monsoon and postmonsoon periods. Data were analyzed for 5,186 fish individuals of 24 freshwater fish species of conservation and(More)
Systematic surveys were conducted to explore the diversity of freshwater fishes, distribution, abundance, trophic ecology and current threats of the fishes at different spatial scale of the river Ken, planned for interlinking in India. Altogether, 57 species representing 42 genera and 20 families were recorded for the first time from the studied river. Of(More)
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