Ruoyun Gao

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Classic transformation methods have been widely and efficiently used in image processing areas, such as image de-noising, image segmentation, feature detection, and compression. Based on their compact signal and image representation ability, we apply the transform based techniques on the video recognition area to extract discriminative information from each(More)
Dynamic feature description in human action recognition Ruoyun Gao ii Acknowledgement I wish to thank all those who helped me. Without them, I could not have completed this project. Firstly, I wish to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Michael S. Lew for his valuable suggestions and unwavering support during my research project and graduation project.(More)
interest point based human action recognition, local descriptors are used to represent information in the neighbourhood around each extracted space-time interest point. The performance of the action recognition systems highly depends on the invariance and distinctiveness of the local spatio-temporal descriptor adopted. In this paper, we propose a new(More)
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