Ruoxi Wang

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While N,N'-dialkylimidazolium ionic liquids (ILs) have been well-established as effective solvents for dissolution and processing of cellulose, the detailed mechanism at the molecular level still remains unclear. In this work, we present a combined quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics simulation study on how the ILs dissolve cellulose. On the basis of(More)
Kernel matrices are popular in machine learning and scientific computing, but they are limited by their quadratic complexity in both construction and storage. It is well-known that as one varies the kernel parameter, e.g., the width parameter in radial basis function kernels, the kernel matrix changes from a smooth low-rank kernel to a diagonally-dominant(More)
  • Christopher Fougner, Ruoxi Wang, Michael D Angelo
  • 2013
Principle Component Analysis (PCA) is used to reduce dimension-ality and noise, while still preserving the majority of the variance in the data. It however gives little guarantee on the predictive value of the remaining data. This paper proposes an inverted Principle Component Analysis (iPCA), to achieve dimensionality and noise reduction, by removal of the(More)
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