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In the present of study, we have reported the complete mitochondrial DNA sequence of the hybrid of Pelteobagrus fulvidraco (♀) × Pelteobagrus vachelli (♂) that is obtained by artificial hybridization. The total length of the mitochondrial genome is 16,527 bp, with the base compositions of 30.84% A, 25.54% T, 28.22% C, and 15.40% G. It contains two ribosomal(More)
The complete mitochondrial genome of Pseudobagrus vachelli has been sequenced. The mitochondrial genome is 16 529 bp in length, with the base composition of 31.61% A, 26.88% T, 26.55% C, and 14.96% G, containing 2 ribosomal RNA genes, 13 protein-coding genes, 22 transfer RNA genes and a major non-coding control region (D-loop region). The gene order and(More)
Selenium (Se), an essential trace element for human health, mainly exerts its biological function via selenoproteins. Among the 25 selenoproteins identified in human, selenoprotein P (SelP) is the only one that contains multiple selenocysteines (Sec) in the sequence, and has been suggested to function as a Se transporter. Upon feeding a selenium-deficient(More)
In this study, the mitochondrial genome of Oxyeleotris lineolatus was first determined. The length of entire mtDNA sequence was 16,522 bp with (A + T) content of 53.81%, and it contained 13 protein-coding genes, two rRNAs, 22 tRNAs, and a control region. The gene order and the orientation are similar to some typical fish species. The data will provide(More)
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