Ruoqiong Chen

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BACKGROUND The purpose of this study was to test the hypothesis that periodontal pathogens associated with aggressive periodontitis persist in extracrevicular locations following scaling and root planing, systemic antibiotics, and antimicrobial rinses. METHODS Eighteen patients with aggressive periodontitis received a clinical examination during which(More)
INTRODUCTION In this longitudinal study, patients with fixed orthodontic appliances served as models to determine whether Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans, Tannerella forsythia, and total streptococci increased after treatment, and whether treatment affected bacterial invasion into the adjacent buccal epithelial cells (BEC). METHODS Supragingival(More)
OBJECTIVE Conventional diagnostic methods frequently detect only late stage enamel demineralization under composite resin restorations. The objective of this study is to examine the subsurface tooth-composite interface and to assess for the presence of secondary caries in pediatric patients using a novel Optical Coherence Tomography System with an intraoral(More)
BACKGROUND The etiology of dental caries is multifactorial, but frequent consumption of free sugars, notably sucrose, appears to be a major factor driving the supragingival microbiota in the direction of dysbiosis. Recent 16S rRNA-based studies indicated that caries-associated communities were less diverse than healthy supragingival plaque but still(More)
BACKGROUND Chemotherapeutic agents (ChAs) are considered an integral part of current treatment protocols for the decontamination of titanium implants with peri-implantitis, based on their antimicrobial effect. Despite the proven antimicrobial effect of ChAs on titanium-bound biofilms, previous studies have elucidated an unexpected disassociation between(More)
OBJECTIVE Our aim was to establish the relationship between cyclic loading and fatigue life of the dentin-composite interface using the newly developed disk in diametral compression tests. The results were then used to estimate the fatigue life of restored teeth under occlusal loading. METHODS Disk specimens (5mm dia.×2mm thick) were prepared using bovine(More)
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