Ruopeng Liu

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In this study, we present the analysis and modeling of detailed investigation and study of different configurations of loop elements in FSS, with resonant unit cells. The elements studied are 1) Square loop, 2) Double Square loop and 3) Gridded Square loop. The simulations of microstructure are performed with full wave simulation tool CST Microwave Studio(More)
The design of the communication system follows the Nyquist intersymbol interference (ISI) criterion, which explains the design principle of the transmitting and receiving filters to mitigate the effects of ISI. In this work, we study how to utilize the ISI to benefit a communication system. We propose a novel modulation framework, which transmits the(More)
In this paper, major goal is to achieve distributed environment configuring heterogeneous system framework using existing machines and high-end workstations as servers without involving extra cost. Feasibility of proposed system network is main concern in this paper having cost minimization. Data replication is responsible for enhancing dynamic scheduling(More)
The analysis and equivalent circuit modeling of square patch FSS adopting an efficient vector-fitting is proposed. The simulations of microstructure are performed with CST Microwave Studio on single-substrate for different physical parameters, angle of incidences and polarizations. Then circuit model is extracted and developed using vector-fitting tool and(More)
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