Ruoming Peng

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We report ultrahigh-performance inverters, each consisting of two top-gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors based on n-CdS nanobelts. High-kappa HfO(2) dielectrics are used as the top-gate oxide layers. The inverters have a large supply voltage (V(DD)) range (from 50 mV to 10 V) and very high voltage gain ( approximately 10, 100, and 1000(More)
We demonstrate the integration of a black phosphorus photodetector in a hybrid, three-dimensional architecture of silicon photonics and metallic nanoplasmonics structures. This integration approach combines the advantages of the low propagation loss of silicon waveguides, high-field confinement of a plasmonic nanogap, and the narrow bandgap of black(More)
Black phosphorus has been the subject of growing interest due to its unique band structure that is both layer dependent and anisotropic. While many have studied the linear optical response of black phosphorus, the nonlinear response has remained relatively unexplored. Here we report on the observation of third-harmonic generation in black phosphorus using(More)
Black phosphorus stands out from the family of two-dimensional materials as a semiconductor with a direct, layer-dependent bandgap spanning the visible to mid-infrared (mid-IR) spectral range. It is, therefore, a very promising material for various optoelectronic applications, particularly in the important mid-IR range. While mid-IR technology has been(More)
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