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Fig. 1. (a) Circuits of conventional CMOS bandgap voltage reference. (b) PSR small signal analysis model of conventional CMOS bandgap voltage reference. The base-emitter junction voltage of bipolar transistor, in generally the forward voltage of a pn-junction, exhibits negatives temperature-coefficient, which is about-1.5m VlaC [6], [7]. The difference(More)
To enhance the visual quality of an image that is degraded by uneven light, an effective method is to estimate the illumination component and compress it. Some previous methods have either defects of halo artifacts or contrast loss in the enhanced image due to incorrect estimation. In this paper, we discuss this problem and propose a novel method to(More)
The main components of an artificial neuron are adders and multipliers. In order to implement neural network, large number of adders and multipliers are required. The efficient architectures for diminished-1 modulo 2<sup>n</sup>+1 multipliers are described. The results and operands of the new modulo 2<sup>n</sup>+1 multipliers use the diminished-1, avoiding(More)
Analytical drain current expressions with self-heating effect are presented for undoped polycrystalline thin film transistors (poly-Si TFTs). Temperature dependence of threshold voltage and effective mobility is involved. The expressions are derived on the basis of a first order Taylor expansion and continuous from linear regime to saturation regime. The(More)