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This paper proposes an adaptive unsupervised scheme that could find diverse applications in pattern recognition as well as in computer vision, particularly in color image segmentation. The algorithm, named Ant Colony–Fuzzy C-means Hybrid Algorithm (AFHA), adaptively clusters image pixels viewed as three dimensional data pieces in the RGB color space. The(More)
With the increasing popularity of digital camera, organizing and managing the large collection of digital photos effectively become popular. Most researchers focus on clustering and image retrieval, but never on photo album compression. Some set redundancy methods for compressing similar image sets cannot handle photo album compression well because they(More)
In video coding standard, motion estimation (ME) always plays an important role in reducing temporal redundancies at the expense of higher computational complexity. Many fast ME algorithms have been proposed to reduce the coding complexity. Some papers focus on applying specific search patterns to reduce the search points within a fixed search range (SR).(More)
An efficient and accurate R-Q model is greatly important for intra-frame rate control of the latest High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard. However, previous methods pay more attention to the gradient based rate quantization (R-Q) model for the intra-frame rate control. In this paper, we analyze the drawbacks of the gradient based frame complexity(More)
Motion estimation (ME) is one of the most time consuming parts in video coding standard. As fast integer-pixel ME algorithm becoming more and more powerful, it is important to develop fast sub-pixel ME algorithm since the computational complexity of sub-pixel ME compared to integer-pixel ME has become relatively significant. In this paper, a novel fast(More)
In this paper, we propose a simple but effective adaptive bilateral filter considering local characteristics. The presented method exploits the local gaussian gradient information of the processing image and applies bilateral filter with changing the range filter parameter $\sigma_{r}$ adaptively. The proposed adaptive bilateral filter could preserve more(More)
Medical imaging applications produce a huge amount of similar images. Instead of compressing each image individually, set redundancy compression (SRC) methods remove the inter image redundancy and reduce storage. However, in the previous SRC methods - MMD, MMP and Centroid methods, the prediction templates for extracting set redundancy are not very(More)