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We report on a novel approach to determine the relationship between the corrugation and the thermal stability of epitaxial graphene grown on a strongly interacting substrate. According to our density functional theory calculations, the C single layer grown on Re(0001) is strongly corrugated, with a buckling of 1.6 Å, yielding a simulated C 1s core level(More)
Tantalum etched by H 2 O 2 solution shows best performance to be the source/drain electrodes of inverted staggered amorphous Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide thin film transistors among the investigated five metal materials. In addition, the etching property is improved significantly by adding aqueous ammonia properly. 1. Introduction Amorphous oxide semiconductor(More)
In situ characterization of the work function of quasi one dimensional nanomaterials is essential for exploring their applications. Here we proposed to use the electrostatic deflection induced by work function difference between nanoprobe and nanowire for in situ measuring the local work function along a free standing nanowire. The physical mechanism for(More)
This study investigates intraseasonal oscillations (ISOs) of upper tropospheric water vapor (UTWV) in the Asian monsoon region in boreal summer by using data with high spatial and temporal resolution from the AIRS instrument. There are robust intrasea-sonal cycles with periods of 30–60 days and 10–20 days in the UTWV field over both 5 South Asia and East(More)
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