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Semiparametric regression models are very useful for longitudinal data analysis. The complexity of semiparametric models and the structure of longitudinal data pose new challenges to parametric inferences and model selection that frequently arise from longitudinal data analysis. In this article, two new approaches are proposed for estimating the regression(More)
MOTIVATION Despite their success in identifying genes that affect complex disease or traits, current genome-wide association studies (GWASs) based on a single SNP analysis are too simple to elucidate a comprehensive picture of the genetic architecture of phenotypes. A simultaneous analysis of a large number of SNPs, although statistically challenging,(More)
SUMMARY The penalized least squares approach with smoothly clipped absolute deviation penalty has been consistently demonstrated to be an attractive regression shrinkage and selection method. It not only automatically and consistently selects the important variables, but also produces estimators which are as efficient as the oracle estimator. However, these(More)
A class of variable selection procedures for parametric models via nonconcave penalized likelihood was proposed in Fan and Li (2001a). It has been shown there that the resulting procedures perform as well as if the subset of significant variables were known in advance. Such a property is called an oracle property. The proposed procedures were illustrated in(More)
Technological innovations have revolutionized the process of scientific research and knowledge discovery. The availability of massive data and challenges from frontiers of research and development have reshaped statistical thinking, data analysis and theoretical studies. The challenges of high-dimensionality arise in diverse fields of sciences and the(More)
Variable selection is fundamental to high-dimensional statistical modeling. Many variable selection techniques may be implemented by maximum penalized likelihood using various penalty functions. Optimizing the penalized likelihood function is often challenging because it may be nondifferentiable and/or nonconcave. This article proposes a new class of(More)
Improving efficiency for regression coefficients and predicting trajectories of individuals are two important aspects in the analysis of longitudinal data. Both involve estimation of the covariance function. Yet challenges arise in estimating the covariance function of longitudinal data collected at irregular time points. A class of semiparametric models(More)
Nonparametric smoothing methods are used to model longitudinal data, but the challenge remains to incorporate correlation into nonparametric estimation procedures. In this article, we propose an efficient estimation procedure for varying-coefficient models for longitudinal data. The proposed procedure can easily take into account correlation within subjects(More)