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Variation within genes has important implications for all biological traits. We identified 3899 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) that were present within 313 genes from 82 unrelated individuals of diverse ancestry, and we organized the SNPs into 4304 different haplotypes. Each gene had several variable SNPs and haplotypes that were present in all(More)
Location-associated long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) was reported to interact with target protein via a cis-regulatory process especially for the Flank10kb class lncRNA. Based on this theory, we aimed to explore the regulatory mechanisms of Linc00974 and KRT19 (an lncRNA beyond the Flank10kb class with protein) when we first confirmed the aberrant expression in(More)
It is of vital importance to find genetic variants that underlie human complex diseases and locate genes that are responsible for these diseases. Since proteins are typically composed of several structural domains, it is reasonable to assume that harmful genetic variants may alter structures of protein domains, affect functions of proteins and eventually(More)
We develop a score statistic to test for linkage in the presence of linkage disequilibrium for quantitative traits. We then extend this method to analyze multiple tightly linked markers. One potential limitation with the use of many genetic markers is the large number of degrees of freedom involved that may reduce the overall power to detect linkage. To(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a model for a high-volume intracranial carotid bypass operation. METHODS High-volume internal carotid-middle cerebral artery bypass was performed on 9 cadaver heads with arteries of porcine forearms as grafts by 6 residents with no previous experience in vascular anastomosis on cadavers. The intima was dissected immediately after(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify a stable and reproducible reference region to superimpose serial maxillary dental models in adult extraction cases. SETTING AND SAMPLE POPULATION Fifteen adult volunteers were enrolled. METHODS To reduce protrusion, bilateral maxillary first premolars were extracted in all volunteers. Each volunteer received six miniscrews,(More)
The long noncoding RNAs (lncRNAs) have long been clarified to participate in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) as a biomarker. We carried out the present study in order to identify HCC-related lncRNAs and elucidate the functional roles in the development and progression of HCC. Our previous study has provided that LINC01225 may be an HCC-related gene. Here, we(More)
Practical quantum photonic applications require on-demand single photon sources. As one possible solution, active temporal and wavelength multiplexing has been proposed to build an on-demand single photon source. In this scheme, heralded single photons are generated from different pump wavelengths in many temporal modes. However, the indistinguishability of(More)
Genome-wide gene expression measurements have enabled comprehensive studies that integrate the changes of gene expression and phenotypic information to uncover their novel associations. Here we reported the association analysis between psychophysical phenotypes and genome-wide gene expression changes in human adaptation to one of the most extreme climates(More)
A model for multiple transport mechanisms through nanopores of shale gas reservoirs with real gas effect–adsorption-mechanic coupling, International Study of displacement efficiency and flow behavior of foamed gel in non-homogeneous porous media, Plos One, 10(6): e0128414, 2015. Pressure transient and rate decline analysis for hydraulic fractured vertical(More)