Runsheng Zhang

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This study was specifically designed to identify anticancer constituents in methanol-water extract of Polygonum bistorta L. and evaluate its cytotoxicity. For this purpose methanol-water (40:60 v/v) extract was subjected to conventional preparative high pressure liquid chromatography and 13 fractions were obtained. Constituents of obtained fractions were(More)
A field sampling method based on magnetic core-shell silica nanoparticles was developed for field sampling and the enrichment of low concentrations of pesticides in aqueous samples. The magnetic nanoparticles could be easily extracted from water samples by a custom-made magnetic nanoparticle collector. The recovery of 15 mg of magnetic particles from a 500(More)
A simple and effective preconcentration method based on magnetic core-shell silica nanoparticles with C(18)-modified surface was developed for the analysis of pesticide residues in environmental water samples by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Several kinds of organophosphorous and pyrethroid pesticides including methamidophos, dichlorvos, orthene,(More)
Sulfite and sulfide share several similarities in terms of chemical properties, such as nucleophilic and reducing reactivities. Therefore, they may disturb the detection of each other. In order to discriminate between these two kinds of sulfur-containing species, a new probe -N3 was developed, in which para-azidobenzenyl ketone was covalently incorporated(More)
The objective of this project was to investigate the incidence of alcohol consumption in fatal traffic deaths in Shanghai, one of the largest cities in China. A study was conducted on 803 individuals killed in road accidents during the period 2009-2011, in terms of alcohol-positive rate, mean blood alcohol content (BAC), gender, age, vehicle type,(More)
Cyanohydrins, also be called cyanoalcohols, are important industrial precursors to carboxylic acids and some amino acids. Acetone cyanohydrin (ACH) and formaldehyde cyanohydrin (glycolonitrile, FCH), which are the typical examples of cyanohydrins, are classified as extremely hazardous substances. As the cyanohydrins can readily decompose, and it is hard to(More)
Antidepressant drugs are widely used in the treatment of different psychiatric disorders, as well as in conjunction with antipsychotics for the treatment of major depressive disorder. In this study, a simple and rapid ultrasound-assisted low-density solvent dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (UA-LDS-DLLME) method was developed for the simultaneous(More)
We developed a simple and rapid analysis method for the determination of four amphetamines in human whole blood and urine using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS). During the course of sample preparation, the evaporation process was found to be the weak point for amphetamine and methamphetamine analysis. Liquid–liquid extraction in this study was(More)
As an important part in "bottom-up" strategy of proteomics, immobilized enzyme reactors have great significance in the development of fast and more efficient protein analytical method, owing to its advantages of high speed and enzymatic efficiency, good stability and activity, easy operation, and the possibility of hyphenating with multiple detection(More)