Runsheng Zhang

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In direct torque control (DTC) of induction motor, the performance of system is influenced by the given value of torque. The given torque is the output of speed regulator. And PID adjustor is used generally as the speed regulator, so the selection of PID parameters is crucial to DTC system. In this paper, a new optimal control strategy of DTC based-on(More)
A four wheel independent driving four wheel independent steering electric vehicle was developed. Chassis assembly and electrical system assembly about the vehicle are made thorough introduction of in this paper. Identity power control module is taken as the driving control approach, and both feedforward control keeping sideslip angle zero and feedback(More)
Based on the working condition of a certain heavy truck turning right, the security pre-warning for pedestrians and other low-speed objects is chosen as the research object. Firstly, the vehicle dynamics model of two-degrees- of-freedom is established, the vehicle-related parameters under different load conditions are selected, according to the vehicle(More)
The wheel coupling relationship of the fourwheel independent driving electric cars is described in this paper. The four driving wheels are in the best adhesion state with the wheel coupling force minimum allocation strategy, which increases the stability margin of vehicle. Then, on the basis of the optimal control theory, the deviation between the actual(More)
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