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Presenilins (PS1/PS2) regulate proteolysis of beta-amyloid precursor protein (betaAPP) and affect its intracellular trafficking. Here, we demonstrate that a PS1-interacting protein, phospholipase D1 (PLD1), affects intracellular trafficking of betaAPP. Overexpression of PLD1 in PS1wt cells promotes generation of betaAPP-containing vesicles from the(More)
Social image tagging systems mostly suffer from poor performance for image retrieval due to the noisy and incomplete correspondences between user-contributed images and their associated tags. In this letter, we aim to refine tag allocations in the social tagging data provided by these systems. In particular, we propose to harness the tagged and untagged(More)
Presenilins (PS1/PS2) play a critical role in proteolysis of beta-amyloid precursor protein (beta APP) to generate beta-amyloid, a peptide important in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease. Nevertheless, several regulatory functions of PS1 have also been reported. Here we demonstrate, in neuroblastoma cells, that PS1 regulates the biogenesis of beta(More)
Hyperspectral images exhibit strong dependencies across spatial and spectral neighbors, which have been proved to be very useful for hyperspectral image classification. State-of-the-art hyperspectral image classification algorithms use the dependencies in a heuristic way or in probabilistic frameworks but impose unreasonable assumptions on observed data. In(More)