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This paper proposes a novel image compression algorithm which combines support vector machine (SVM) regression with curvelet transform. Firstly, the original image was decomposed into curvelet coefficients using fast discrete curvelet transform. Then different scales of quantized curvelet coefficients were selected for lossy compression and entropy(More)
In this paper, we propose a method based on support vector machine (SVM) and mathematical morphology to detect cladding ice on the transmission line in surveillance image. Firstly, we construct a sample set for SVM training process and obtain the classification model. Secondly, the original image pixels are classified into two categories by using of the SVM(More)
Image compression has been always a very active field of research. A highly efficient numerical scheme is proposed to solve the combined optimization problem posed by the model for separating images into texture and piecewise smooth parts. In the proposed multi-layered image coding schemes, the MCA used in image decomposition is performed using haar wavelet(More)
Power load forecasting has always been a hotspot. Recently, Artificial intelligence and computational intelligence methods have been widely used in the power load forecasting field. SVR (Support Vector Regression), one of computational intelligence methods, has been paid more and more attention for its ability of solving none-liner problem and its high(More)
JPEG2000 is the international image coding standard. AVC/H.264 is the latest video coding standard and its I-Frame coding can also be used for image coding. In this paper we compare the coding performance of JPEG2000 and AVC I-Frame coding. First, we discuss the basic techniques of their coding schemes and encoder parameter settings. Second, compressions(More)
In this paper, we analyze the correlation between wavelet coefficients. In order to use both inter-band and intra-band correlation, we build context prediction model for significance and refinement bits. Combining with sign bit prediction model of JPEG2000, we propose a lossless image compression algorithm. Compression experimental results show that our(More)