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How Elite Partisan Polarization Affects Public Opinion Formation
Competition is a defining element of democracy. One of the most noteworthy events over the last quarter-century in U.S. politics is the change in the nature of elite party competition: The partiesExpand
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More Than Weighting Cognitive Importance: A Dual‐Process Model of Issue Framing Effects
Issue frames in policy discourse and news reporting regularly influence citizens' political opinions. Yet, we only have a limited understanding of how and among whom these framing effects occur. IExpand
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Deservingness versus values in public opinion on welfare: The automaticity of the deservingness heuristic
Public attitudes towards welfare policy are often explained by political values and perceptions of deservingness of welfare recipients. This article addresses how the impact of values and perceptionsExpand
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Political Parties, Motivated Reasoning, and Public Opinion Formation
A key characteristic of democratic politics is competition between groups, first of all political parties. Yet, the unavoidably partisan nature of political conflict has had too little influence onExpand
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Issue Importance as a Moderator of Framing Effects
A growing amount of research is devoted to the question of which individual and contextual variables enhance, limit, or obliterate news framing effects. Expand
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Political Parties and Value Consistency in Public Opinion Formation
Many have been concerned about the ability of citizens to ground their specific political preferences in more general principles. We test the longstanding intuition that political elites, andExpand
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When Can Political Parties Lead Public Opinion? Evidence from a Natural Experiment
Research on framing effects has demonstrated how elites can influence public opinion by the way they present and interpret political issues. However, these findings overwhelmingly stem fromExpand
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Framing Deservingness to Win Support for Welfare State Retrenchment
Recent studies of welfare state retrenchment have argued that policy makers can win public support for welfare state reform by framing the issue in terms of deservingness of welfare recipients.Expand
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Political Parties, Motivated Reasoning, and Issue Framing Effects
Issue framing is one of the most important means of elite influence on public opinion. However, we know almost nothing about how citizens respond to frames in what is possibly the most commonExpand
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The crisis of democracy and the science of deliberation
Citizens can avoid polarization and make sound decisions That there are more opportunities than ever for citizens to express their views may be, counterintuitively, a problem facing democracy—theExpand
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