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Modelling an environmental process involves creating a model structure and parameterising the model with appropriate values to accurately represent the process. Determining accurate parameter values for environmental systems can be challenging. Existing methods for parameter estimation typically make assumptions regarding the form of the Likelihood, and(More)
Communication processes are vital in the lifecycle of BPM projects. With this in mind, much research has been performed into facilitating this key component between stakeholders. Amongst the methods used to support this process are personalized process visualisations. In this paper, we review the development of this visualization trend, then, we propose a(More)
Hex is a classic board game invented in the middle of the twentieth century by Piet Hein and rediscovered later by John Nash. The best Hex artificial players analyse the board positions by deducing complex virtual connections from elementary connections using the H-Search algorithm. In this paper, we extend the H-search with a new deduction rule. This new(More)
Although business process analysis methods are mature today, business analysts and stakeholders are still hampered by communication issues. We argue that using a virtual world to model a business process can benefit communication activities. We believe that virtual worlds can be used as an efficient model-view approach, increasing the cognition of business(More)
Nursing training for an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a resource intensive process. High demands are made on staff, students and physical resources. Interactive, 3D computer simulations, known as virtual worlds, are increasingly being used to supplement training regimes in the health sciences; especially in areas such as complex hospital ward processes. Such(More)
Many modern business environments employ software to automate the delivery of workflows; whereas, workflow design and generation remains a laborious technical task for domain specialists. Several different approaches have been proposed for deriving workflow models. Some approaches rely on process data mining approaches, whereas others have proposed(More)
In a recent publication, Thaweerattanasinp et al. (J Neurophysiol 116: 1644-1653, 2016) investigated spinal cord injury and firing properties of deep dorsal horn neurons during NMDA or zolmitriptan application by employing electrophysiology in an in vitro spinal cord preparation. Deep dorsal horn neurons were classified into bursting, simple, or tonic(More)