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The first mathematically unbiased estimates of neocortical cell numbers are presented from the developing pig brain, including a full description of tissue processing and optimal sampling for application of the stereological optical fractionator method in this species. The postnatal development of neocortical neurons and glial cells from the experimental(More)
The aim of this study was to quantify the total number of neurons and glial cells in the mediodorsal nucleus of the thalamus (MD) of 8 newborn human brains, in comparison to 8 adult human brains. The estimates of the cell numbers were obtained using the stereological principles of the optical fractionator. In the case of the adults, the total number of(More)
Using media façades as a subcategory of urban computing, this paper contributes to the understanding of spatial interaction, sense-making, and social mediation as part of identifying key characteristics of interaction with media fa-çades. Our research addresses in particular the open-ended but framed nature of interaction, which in conjunction with varying(More)
Virtual studio technology enables the mixing of physical and digital 3D objects and thus expands the way of representing design ideas in terms of <i>virtual video prototypes</i>, which offers new possibilities for designers by combining elements of prototypes, mock-ups, scenarios, and conventional video. In this article we report our initial experience in(More)
Collaborative design projects are often complex affairs in which a number of resources, concerns, and sources of inspiration are brought into play in the shaping of future design concepts. This paper presents <i>the Design Space Explorer</i>, a framework for managing these multiple sources of information and domain concerns in collaborative design projects.(More)
The Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease (BOLD) initiative provides standardised estimates of the burden of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) worldwide. We estimate the current and future economic burden of COPD in Reykjavik, Iceland and Bergen, Norway using data from the BOLD initiative. Data on utilisation of healthcare resources were gathered(More)
In this article we explore how to enrich the experience of toys that usually spend a boring time in their boxes in the toy store by digitally bringing them out of the box. For this purpose we have developed an interactive table based on the 3D game engine Virtools, together with the reacTIVision software and have studied and evaluated the use of the table(More)
The aim of this study was to describe the impact of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) on health status in the Burden of Obstructive Lung Disease (BOLD) populations. We conducted a cross-sectional, general population-based survey in 11 985 subjects from 17 countries. We measured spirometric lung function and assessed health status using the Short(More)
Computing power is an integrated part of our physical environment, and since our physical environment is three-dimensional, the virtual studio technology, with its unique potential for visualizing digital 3D objects and environments along with physical objects, offers an obvious path to pursue in order to envision future usage scenarios in the domain of(More)
For both males and females, the pathway to diagnosis and treatment of lung disease often begins with the reporting of respiratory symptoms to their physician. Males and females with impaired lung function may experience the same symptoms but perceive and/or report them differently. Physiological research on dyspnoea has provided some information on how sex(More)