Rune Mikkelsen

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We show that the transition from laminar to active behavior in extended chaotic systems can vary from a continuous transition in the universality class of directed percolation with infinitely many absorbing states to what appears as a first-order transition. The latter occurs when finite lifetime nonchaotic structures, called "solitons," dominate the(More)
A new scheme of making crystalline undulators was recently proposed and investigated theoretically by Andriy Kostyuk, concluding that a new type of crystalline undulator would be not only viable, but better than the previous scheme. This article describes the first experimental measurement of such a crystalline undulator, produced by using(More)
We report on the first experimental observations of quasichanneling oscillations, recently seen in simulations and described theoretically. Although above-barrier particles penetrating a single crystal are generally seen as behaving almost as in an amorphous substance, distinct oscillation peaks nevertheless appear for particles in that category. The(More)
We report the first observation of a shoulder in the radiation spectrum from GeV electrons in a structured target consisting of two thin and closely spaced foils. The position of the shoulder depends on the target spacing and is directly connected to the finite formation length of a low-energy photon emitted by an ultrarelativistic electron. With the(More)
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