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For a sensorless predictive-peak-current-controlled boost converter, the output voltage steady-state error cannot be eliminated by voltage loop PI controller. The basic cause for this is investigated through analysis and theoretical approaches. To eliminate the voltage steady-state error and achieve high-accuracy current estimation, a comprehensive(More)
In digital current mode controlled DC-DC converters, conventional current sensors might not provide isolation at a minimized price, power loss and size. Therefore, a current observer which can be realized based on the digital circuit itself, is a possible substitute. However, the observed current may diverge due to the parasitic resistors and the forward(More)
In a sensorless predictive current controlled boost converter, parameterizing the inductor plays an important role in controller performance. In this paper, a solution for inductor parameters online identification is investigated. A small-signal injection strategy is proposed to create a transient state, and convergence problem of inductance identification(More)
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