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YiXut The content, and indeed the title, of this book brings back to us an old and well-known theory-the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis: that language influences thought and determines the world view of the speaker (Whorf, 1956). Rumjahn Hoosain proposes that "unique linguistic properties of the Chinese language, particularly its orthography, have implications for(More)
The selective involvement of the basal ganglia in recognition of the facial expression of disgust was investigated by examining a group of six symptomatic Huntington's disease patients and 32 Wilson's disease patients in China. Morphed photographs of facial expressions covering happiness-surprise-fear-sadness-disgust-anger were used and the patients were(More)
  • R Hoosain
  • 1990
The incidence of left handedness amongst the Chinese, as in the case of people with more traditional cultures, is reported to be low. However, there is a group of native left handers, often unrecognized as such, who use the right hand for writing and drawing but the left hand for most other tasks. They had experienced pressure during childhood to shift(More)
To examine the effect of gender on the volume and pattern of brain activation during the viewing of alternating sets of faces depicting happy or sad expressions, 24 volunteers, 12 men and 12 women, participated in this functional magnetic resonance imaging study. The experimental stimuli were 12 photographs of Japanese adults selected from Matsumoto and(More)
There is evidence that auditory reception of the second language of bilinguals is less lateralized in the left hemisphere, when the two languages involved are more dissimilar, such as Chinese and English. The present study shows, with a test of simultaneous finger tapping and backward counting as well as a test of tachistoscopic bilateral presentation, that(More)
AIM The present study aimed to examine attentional deficits in patients with persisting post-concussive symptoms using a multi-componential framework of attention. DESIGN A cross-sectional investigation using standardized tests and questionnaires of attention including 92 patients. METHOD Participants were administered comprehensive measures of(More)
It has been suggested that the right hemisphere advantage reported in the literature for single Chinese or kanji characters is the result of perceptual factors rather than unique linguistic features of the orthography. However, no similar right hemisphere advantage for two-character words has ever been found. This study reports on a right hemisphere(More)
This study explored the potentially beneficial effect of explicit verbalization on the attentional performance in patients with closed head injury (CHI) in both distracting and nondistracting environments. Ten patients with CHI and 10 normal controls were recruited. The findings indicated that in the absence of distractors, the two groups did not differ(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate the translated Cantonese version of an ecologically valid clinical test of attention - the Test of Everyday Attention (TEA). DESIGN A cross-sectional study was conducted on a sample of 49 healthy participants with a mean age of 25.9 years in the Hong Kong Chinese setting. OUTCOME MEASURES These included the Color Trails Test,(More)