Rumiko Yamaguchi

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Structural changes caused by the optically induced helical inversion in the cholesteric liquid crystal cells with homeotropic anchoring are studied. In a one-step exposure, a sequence of structural transformations "lying left-handed helix - unwound homeotropic state - lying right-handed helix" is realized. In this process, smooth expansion of a left-handed(More)
The photoresponsive electro-optical composites based on cholesteric liquid crystal (CLC) with optically controlled chirality and a minute amount of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are studied. In cells with homeotropic anchoring, these composites exhibit a transition from fingerprint texture to homeotropic nematic texture in the course of photoinduced unwinding of(More)
A pretilt angle controlling method by the density of rubbings using a tiny stylus is proposed. The control of the surface pretilt angle is achieved by rubbing a side-chain type polyimide film for a homeotropic alignment. Smooth liquid crystal (LC) director distribution in the bulk layer is successfully obtained even though the rough surface orientation.(More)
We propose non-destructive inverse modeling of copper interconnect cross-sectional structures, which reproduces the pitch dependence of intraand interlayer coupling capacitance parasitic to the interconnect. The coupling capacitances, as well as fringing capacitance, are measured by a proposed test structure based on the charge-based capacitance measurement(More)
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