Rumiko Yamaguchi

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Flexible optically rewritable reflective TN LC display based on photoalignment technology has been demonstrated. The rewritable display does not require any electronic scheme, power supply, or conductive layers, when operating. Such a display can erase and write images for many times because of LC alignment reorientation onto one photoalignment layer under(More)
A search for Supernova Relic Neutrinos ¯ ν e 's is first conducted via inverse-beta-decay by tagging neutron capture on hydrogen at Super-Kamiokande-IV. The neutron tagging efficiency is determined to be (17.74 ± 0.04 stat. ± 1.05 sys.)%, while the corresponding accidental background probability is (1.06 ± 0.01 stat. ± 0.18 sys.)%. Using 960 days of data,(More)
The trilepton nucleon decay modes p→e+νν and p→μ+νν violate |Δ(B-L)| by two units. Using data from a 273.4 kt yr exposure of Super-Kamiokande a search for these decays yields a fit consistent with no signal. Accordingly, lower limits on the partial lifetimes of τp→e+νν>1.7×10(32) years and τp→μ+νν>2.2×10(32) years at a 90% confidence level are obtained.(More)
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