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BACKGROUND Different autoantibodies and immunologic abnormalities have been described in heroin abusers positive for human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B surface antigen, or hepatitis C virus, as well as in addicts with negative viral markers. OBJECTIVES To investigate the prevalence of different autoantibodies in heroin addicts. METHODS We studied(More)
Introduction. There are limited studies on simultaneous evaluation of liver and renal blood flow using Doppler methods. We evaluated and compared the changes of liver and renal Doppler US parameters in patients with liver cirrhosis according to the degree of liver disease. Material and Methods. We assessed a large spectrum of liver and renal Doppler US(More)
AIM The aim of the study is to make a retrospective analysis of the incidence of AV fistulas after renal biopsy (RB) of native and transplanted kidney. MATERIALS AND METHODS Five hundred and sixteen (516) RB were analyzed. One hundred twenty nine (129) were native kidneys RB performed in Clinic of Nephrology (CN), 190 were performed in Clinic of(More)
A series of 56 patients were studied with ultrasound for periods of 15 to 940 days. The findings at the onset of AFBN included: image of hydronephrosis, focal abnormalities expressed by round hypo- or hyperechoic areas, focal abnormalities and dilated pelvi-calyceal system, enlargement of the kidney. During recovery we found sonographic picture without(More)
The paper presents a hierarchal distributed system for collection and management of the information. The lowest level for information collection from different sensors is realized using special designed microprocessor controller - OCTOPORT_BT. It is supporting several communication interfaces, including Bluetooth. This solution allows remote access to the(More)
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