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This paper presents an approach to design a powerful and flexible controller architecture in order to support new applications across various heterogeneous networks. The approach allows a run-time configuration of the protocol modules. In contrast to existing systems, the developer has the choice to apply different implementation strategies to a module,(More)
Recently, we are witnesses of an extensive computerizatcon in the medicine. Medical data are collected in hospitals, labs and practices, are stored in databases and are processed, not only by medical personnel, but also by some state authorities. Additionally, plenty of researchers from technical fields develop systems, tools and apparatus to support the(More)
Ambient Assisted Living as a Service (AALaaS) implementation is an emerging area of research and many different solutions could be found worldwide. In this paper, a decentralized foggy solution that well be context-aware and data-oriented is proposed. The new intelligent Peer-to-Peer framework supporting the Radio Access Network (RAN) management, which(More)
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