Rumen D. Dimitrov

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Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are a new and promising tool for therapy of autoimmune disorders. In recent years their possibility to take part in the modulation of the immune response is discussed. The exact mechanisms for immunoregulation realized by MSCs are not clear yet, but interactions with other immunoregulatory cells may be involved in this process.(More)
AIMS AND BACKGROUND The literature data show that the most frequently affected chromosomes in ovarian carcinogenesis are 1, 8 and 17. In the present study we aimed to define more precisely at a high resolution the genomic imbalances of these chromosomes in ovarian cancer and to determine genomic markers separating tumors of different histological types and(More)
Associate Professor of Mathematics ii To the memory of my father. i Acknowledgements I would like to thank my advisor, Valentina Harizanov, for all her support and help. She worked with me and encouraged my research and studies throughout the Ph.D. program. She has been my mentor, collaborator, and a good friend. and Frank Stephan for the useful(More)
Cohesive sets play an important role in computability theory. Here we use cohesive sets to build nonstandard versions of the rationals. We use Koenigsmann's work on Hilbert's Tenth Problem to establish that these nonstandard fields are rigid. As a consequence we obtain results about automorphisms of the lattices of computably enumerable vector spaces(More)
More than 40 years the correspondence between modal logic and first-order logic, when they are interpreted in relational structures, is on the main stream of the investigations of many modal logicians. The most interesting in this direction is a series of results on modal and first-order definability proved by Chagrova in the 1990s. In particular, from them(More)
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