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The traditional framework for back-end compilation is based on the scope of functions, which is a natural boundary to partition an entire program for compilation. However, the sizes and structures of functions may not be the best scope for program analyses and transformations when considering compilation resources (e.g. time and space), performance, and(More)
The relationship between run-time performance and effective use of a machine's register set is well understood. Graph coloring method, which pioneered by Chaitin, has been widely practiced. In this paper, we describe three improvements to Chaitin-style graph coloring register allocators. The first is a more precise definition on interference. The second is(More)
A set of methods for interprocedural analysis is proposed. First, an approach for interprocedural constant propagation is given. Then the concept of constant propagation is extended so as to meet the needs of data dependence analysis. Besides certain constant, constant range can also be propagated. The related propagating rules are introduced, and an idea(More)
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