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Game development is very complex and the success of the game is based on the game development methods. The purpose of this paper is to investigate on the existing game development methods and provide an upcoming game development method that is based on predictive and adaptive development models. A critical analysis to Agile method which are mostly used in(More)
Evaluation phase plays an important role in software development in general and in game development in particular, thus it is an important part in designing a game development methodology. In the research presented here, evaluation phase has been investigated the user and expert evaluation in details. This paper focuses on providing general heuristics to(More)
In general the evaluation phase serves as a catalyst in software development and particularly within games development. Hence, it plays a vital role in the formulation of an effective a game development methodology. This paper has investigated the evaluation phase and has focused on the provision of general heuristics sets to facilitate the evaluation(More)
This paper describes a case study of how Agent Oriented Agile Based (AOAB) development methodology was implemented in mobile computing module to create game as a part of the module assessment requirements. Games can be used in higher education in many ways to increase students participation, enable variation in how lectures are taught and to increase(More)
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