Rukshan I. Athauda

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Exposure to state-of-art industry technologies, tools and practices by students provide CS/IT graduates highly desirable skills and marketability. A key expectation of the industry from their new cadre is a speedy integration into the business environment resulting in productive work. This usually requires having a sound technological background, a maturity(More)
Collaborative learning is proven to be effective in improving cognitive skills (e.g., critical thinking) and acquiring knowledge through group interactions and activities. An active research field known as Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) aims to enrich collaborative learning using technology. These days, online learning environments(More)
XML is popularly used as the de-facto standard for exchanging data between information systems. Storage and access to such XML encoded data is needed. Many approaches have been proposed: (i.) Storing XML data in its native form (native XML databases), (ii.)Use of existing DBMSs to store XML encoded data (XML-enabled databases). ORDBs integrate the rich(More)
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