Rukmini M S

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AIM Studies have shown elevated HbA1C in non-diabetic hypothyroid patients. Hypothyroid patients often show anaemia as an associated feature which is an another condition showing falsely elevated A1C. Hence this study is aimed to investigate whether elevated A1C in hypothyroidism can be attributed to anaemia. MATERIAL AND METHODS HbA1C levels of 120(More)
Preeclampsia is a multisystemic disorder specific to human pregnancy. It is common and major complication, characterized by hypertension, proteinuria and oedema. This clinical condition adversely affects the mother and the foetus. The causative factors remain poorly understood. Oxidative stress is implicated in preeclampsia which could provide the linkage(More)
We are reporting here, a case of the Lenz syndrome in a neonate who was brought to the Paediatric OPD, Kasturba Medical College Hospital, Attavar, Mangalore India, with the complaints of poor suckling since birth and abnormal facial features. Altogether, the characteristic congenital abnormal findings in Lenz syndrome, which comprise of microophthalmia, ear(More)
We are presenting a case of a 13-year-old autistic boy whose urine porphyrin test came positive on three separate occasions. The child was brought to emergency department of Kasturba Medical College Hospital, Attavar, Mangalore, India, with fever and acute abdominal pain, with no previous history of any serious illness. Investigations revealed thalassemia(More)
Thalassemia is a group of disorders characterized by deficient production of the β-globin sub unit of hemoglobin. The mandatory blood transfusions in patients with thalassemia to maintain adequate erythrocyte levels, leads to iron overload. The prevalence of diabetes in patients with thalassemia varies from 6 to 14%. We here by present a known case of(More)
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