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Laparoscopic donor nephrectomy has the advantages of less pain, early ambulation and shorter hospitalization compared to open donor nephrectomy. Kidney recipient surgery is, however, traditionally performed by open surgery. Our aim was to study feasibility and safety of laparoscopic kidney transplantation (LKT). After permission from Internal Review Board,(More)
BACKGROUND A phase I randomised, controlled, single blind, dose escalation trial was conducted to evaluate safety and immunogenicity of JAIVAC-1, a recombinant blood stage vaccine candidate against Plasmodium falciparum malaria, composed of a physical mixture of two recombinant proteins, PfMSP-1(19), the 19 kD conserved, C-terminal region of PfMSP-1 and(More)
Lymphoepithelioma like carcinoma is rare in locations other than nasopharynx. We report the second case of this tumour in trachea, in a young female patient, who was managed with concomitent surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The patient is disease free in the one-year follow up. The tumour presented difficulties during intubation for general(More)
Thirty one cases of epithelial borderline tumours of the ovary recorded over a period of six years were reviewed. The incidence of borderline tumours was 6% in relation to ovarian epithelial malignancies, with serous and mucinous types comprising three fourth of the lesions. The serous tumours were bilateral in 39%, revealed surface growth in 17% and had(More)
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