Rukiye Karakis

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Axillary Lymph Node (ALN) status is an extremely important factor to assess metastatic breast cancer. Surgical operations which may be necessary and cause some adverse effects are performed in determination ALN status. The purpose of this study is to predict ALN status by means of selecting breast cancer patient’s basic clinical and histological feature(s)(More)
A new fuzzy adaptive median filter is presented for the noise reduction of magnetic resonance images corrupted with heavy impulse (salt and pepper) noise. In this paper, we have proposed a Fuzzy Adaptive Median Filter with Adaptive Membership Parameters (FAMFAMP) for removing highly corrupted salt and pepper noise, with preserving image edges and details.(More)
Pulmonary function test has vital importance in diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases. With this test, several parameters are measured such as forced vital capacity (FVC) and forced expiratory volume in the first second (FEV<sub>1</sub>) of patients. These parameters indicate different types of lung disorders. Main constraint in diagnosis is to selection(More)
Today one of the prevalent cancer types we come across in women is breast cancer. The determining whether cancer spread axillary lymph nodes or not is very important in staging and determining treatment of breast cancer disease. In this study, clinic and pathologic data of 270 breast cancer patients applied to Ankara Numune Educational and Research(More)
This study aims to secure medical data by combining them into one file format using steganographic methods. The electroencephalogram (EEG) is selected as hidden data, and magnetic resonance (MR) images are also used as the cover image. In addition to the EEG, the message is composed of the doctor׳s comments and patient information in the file header of(More)
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