Ruken Yuksekkaya

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BACKGROUND Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) may present with extra-articular involvement in the lungs. We aimed to evaluate the abnormal pulmonary multidetector computed tomography findings of patients with AS and compare them with the clinical symptoms, duration of illness, laboratory results and pulmonary function tests (PFT). MATERIAL/METHODS We evaluated(More)
Chronic-contained aortic aneurysm rupture with vertebral erosion is a rare entity with fatal complications. Multidetector computed tomography (CT) angiography is an important diagnostic method for the evaluation of the aortic aneurysms, their complications, and also the relationship between aneurysm and branching vessels and adjacent structures. We present(More)
AIM To evaluate the color Doppler ultrasound (US) findings of gynecomastia and compare them with sonographic Tanner staging to determine an additional diagnostic tool. PATIENTS AND METHODS Eighteen male (mean age 13.87 ± 1.72) patients (36 breasts) with breast enlargement were examined with gray-scale and color Doppler ultrasound (US), and these were used(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging is the most important diagnostic method in the investigation of the pituitary lesions. Our aim is to determine whether T2-weighted coronal images may be helpful in the evaluation of the pituitary gland with suspected pituitary adenomas. One hundred and sixty-seven patients were examined prospectively with T2-weighted coronal and(More)
Objective Paratracheal air cysts (PTACs) are frequently and incidentally found on computed tomography (CT) examinations of the chest, neck, and spine. Aetiology, pathophysiology, clinical and radiological relevance, and accompanying airway and parenchy-mal pathologies of PTACs are not known. A limited number of studies have discussed the association between(More)
Gorlin-Goltz syndrome or basal cell nevus syndrome is an autosomal dominant syndrome characterized by skeletal anomalies, numerous cysts observed in the jaw, and multiple basal cell carcinoma of the skin, which may be accompanied by falx cerebri calcification. Basal cell carcinoma is the most commonly skin tumor with slow clinical course and low metastatic(More)
A bronchopleural fistula (BPF) is defined as a direct pathway between the bronchial tree or lung parenchyma and the pleural space. Herein, we describe the clinical findings and imaging results of BPFs in three cases. The patients' medical histories revealed that the first had recurrent pulmonary tuberculosis, the second had small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) and(More)
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