Rujuta Trivedi

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BACKGROUND Several obstacles impede oncologists from performing clinical trials in the developing world. This study aimed to identify these barriers in order of importance and suggest possible remedial measures. MATERIALS AND METHODS Design - cross-sectional survey. Two part questionnaire capturing experience of oncologists in practice and conducting(More)
Good nutrition is the cornerstone of long life, good health, and proper development. Well-nourished children perform well in school, grow into healthy adults and, in turn, give their children a better start in life. Malnutrition, however, continues to be a significant problem, especially among children who can not fend adequately for themselves. Either due(More)
Ayurvedic classics give importance to Shuddha Artava and mention that Artavadushti is one of the causative factors for infertility. Artavakshaya is not separately described as disease any where in Ayurvedic classics, of course, this doesn't desecrate Artavakshaya. Because, Acharya Charaka has quoted in Charaka Nidana Sthana, first chapter, that symptoms of(More)
In a previous study from our laboratory (Akagi and Townley) we reported that basophils from asthmatic patients off medication show spontaneous histamine release (SHR) significantly higher than asthmatic patients on chronic medication. Both groups of asthmatics showed significantly higher SHR than normal subjects. These findings led us to test the in vitro(More)
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