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The extent of exposure of residents of Changqing (Guizhou, PR China) to arsenic through coal-burning was investigated. Despite the low coal-arsenic content (56.3+/-42.5 mg As kg(-1)) when compared with coals collected at different location and times from the same province, more than 30% of the study subjects have shown symptoms of arsenicosis. Coal, urine,(More)
Teniposide (TEN) is a potent, broad spectrum antitumor agent, especially for cerebroma. But the application in clinic was limited because of its poor solubility. In this paper, teniposide nanosuspensions drug delivery system (TEN-NSDDS) for intravenous administration was developed for the first time. Specifically, TEN nanosuspensions were prepared by an(More)
Rust caused by Melampsora larici-populina is one of the most damaging diseases of poplars. Rust is considered to be a model pathogen for genetic studies because both pathogen and host genomes are available. The poplar ‘Robusta’, whose general rust resistance is defeated by virulent rust E4, provides suitable host material for studies of the gene regulation(More)
In this article, we investigate the problem of monitoring independent large-scale data streams where an undesired event may occur at some unknown time and affect only a few unknown data streams. Motivated by parallel and distributed computing, we propose to develop scalable global monitoring schemes by parallel running local detection procedures and by(More)
In this study, a novel lymphatic tracer polyamidoamin-alkali blue (PAMAM-AB) was synthesized in order to evaluate the intra-lymphatic targeting ability and lymphatic tropism of PAMAM-AB after subcutaneous administration. UV-Vis, FT-IR, NMR and HPLC characterization were performed to prove the successful synthesis of PAMAM-AB. The calculated AB payload of(More)
Factors that affect crude oil output are multifarious and non-linear, so it is very difficult to analyze and predict the crude oil output solely based on mathematical methods. This paper presents a new method that applies TB-SCM algorithm to predict crude oil output. Firstly, the monthly production data of the past years from a sample oil plant is(More)
In this study, we assessed the association between single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in candidate genes and the prognosis of laryngeal cancer (LC) patients. Thirty-seven SNPs in 26 genes were genotyped in 170 male Han Chinese patients with LC. The effects of the candidate genes on the prognosis of LC patients were evaluated using Kaplan-Meier curves(More)
In this paper, a new architecture of RF receivers in the cognitive radios is proposed for sensing the spectral environment. The receiver has two mixer stages and a high intermediate frequency (IF) for up/down dual-converting signal frequency. In order to select the channels in UHF (470-870 MHz) band in TV broadcast, the range of frequency points in the(More)