Ruizhen Zhao

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With the explosive growth of the multimedia data on the Web, content-based image search has attracted considerable attentions in the multimedia and the computer vision community. The most popular approach is based on the bag-of-visual-words model with invariant local features. Since the spatial context information among local features is critical for visual(More)
With the proliferation of large-scale community-contributed images, hashing-based approximate nearest neighbor search in huge databases has aroused considerable interest from the fields of computer vision and multimedia in recent years because of its computational and memory efficiency. In this paper, we propose a novel hashing method named neighborhood(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide guidance for clinical disease prevention and treatment, this study examined the epidemiology, antibiotic susceptibility, and serotype distribution of Streptococcus pneumoniae (S. pneumoniae) associated with invasive pneumococcal diseases (IPDs) among children less than 14 years of age in Shenzhen, China. MATERIALS AND METHODS All the(More)
BACKGROUND This study aims to investigate the clinical features of invasive community-acquired Staphylococcus aureus (CA-SA) infection in Chinese children and analyze its molecular features. METHODS Clinical data and invasive CA-SA isolates were prospectively collected. Pediatric risk of mortality (PRISM) score was used for disease severity measurement.(More)
—Identifying user's identity is a key problem in many data mining applications, such as product recommendation, customized content delivery and criminal identification. Given a set of accounts from the same or different social network platforms, user identification attempts to identify all accounts belonging to the same person. A commonly used solution is(More)