Ruizhen Gao

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—An improved genetic algorithm is proposed to solve optimal problems, which is based on fixed point algorithms of continuous self-mapping in Euclidean space. The algorithm operates on a simplicial subdivision of searching space and generates the integer labels at the vertices, then, applied crossover operators and increasing dimension operators according to(More)
Rice and maize dwarf diseases caused by the newly introduced Southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus (SRBSDV) have led to severe economic losses in South China in recent years. The distribution and diversity of SRBSDV have not been investigated in the main rice and maize growing areas in China. In this study, the distribution of SRBSDV in China was(More)
—Torque ripple is a major problem of switched reluctance motor drive system, which causes undesirable vibration and acoustic noise. In this paper, a novel method of torque closed-loop and fuzzy compensation control for the switched reluctance motor drive system based on finite element model is described. In terms of the simulation results and the special(More)
BACKGROUND "Gefitinib" is a first-generation epidermal growth factor receptor tyrosine-kinase inhibitor. More than half of patients receiving gefitinib develop acne-like eruption. Evozac(®) Calming Skin Spray (Evaux Laboratoires, Évaux-les-Bains, France) is made of Évaux thermal spring water and commonly used for the treatment of dermatological toxicities(More)
—Aiming at the convergence precision defects of standard genetic algorithm, the fixed point theory is introduced into the genetic algorithms. The population of individual is regarded as the triangulation of the point. Hence the vertex label information of the individual simplex would guide the algorithm to the optimization researching and convergence(More)
This study presents designing of rotor with skewed slot structure and reduction of radial force and vibration of switched reluctance motor (SRM). Finite element method (FEM) analyzed static structural and electromagnetic problems. Simulated results showed that electromagnetic radial force was reduced (23.3%). Introduction Switched reluctance motors (SRMs)(More)
—In order to reduce the vibration of smart structures, this paper gets the optimal location of piezoelectric patch by the D-optimal design principle, and then uses the fuzzy logic to control the smart structures vibration. The fuzzy IF-THEN rules are established on analysis of the motion traits of cantilever beam. The fuzzy logic controller (FLC) designs(More)