Ruiz de Alarcón

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New assessment guidelines for measuring the overall impact of mental health problems in Latin America have served as a catalyst for countries to review their mental health policies. Latin American countries have taken various steps to address long-standing problems such as structural difficulties, scarce financial and human resources, and social, political,(More)
The new clinical psychopharmacology has helped to expand six areas: new drugs, prediction of response, side effects, therapeutic combinations and new uses for old drugs. Basic research (theoretical and experimental) has focused primarily on schizophrenia, affective disorders and anxiety. The Latin American psychiatrist must adopt neither a dependent nor a(More)
Your patient is anxious, depressed, and nervous, yet the complaint you are being asked to address is a respiratory infection. You suspect that the real problem may be obsessive-compulsive disorder. What should you do? How do you confidently and accurately reach the diagnosis? Dr Alarcon shares his expertise in recognition and management of this increasingly(More)
The consensus gene, a methodological outcome of the rapid growth in molecular biology, is a collection of flexibly applied parameters derived from features of well-characterized genes. Broad flexibility unites research programs under one umbrella and simultaneously promotes the false impression that the molecular gene concept is an internally coherent(More)