Ruiyuan Guo

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The aim of our research was to apply well-known data mining techniques (such as linear neural networks, multi-layered perceptrons, probabilistic neural networks, classification and regression trees, support vector machines and finally a hybrid decision tree – neural network approach) to the problem of predicting the quality of service in call centers; based(More)
  • R Guo, bullet D Guo, bullet C Thiart
  • 2009
Poisson processes, particularly the time-dependent extension, play important roles in reliability and risk analysis. It should be fully aware that the Poisson modeling in the current reliability engineering and risk analysis literature is merely an ideology under which the random uncertainty governs the phenomena. In other words, current Poisson Models(More)
Society is becoming more accustomed to toll-free numbers as an efficient way to request and receive services in all aspects of their lives. While a move can be observed to eliminate humans as handlers of most rudimentary customer requests, responding to telephone calls remains a top priority in customer service. Call centers are either managed in-house or(More)
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