Ruixue Xia

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The present study examined the electrophysiological correlates of the psychological processing of possessive pronouns such as "wo de" (Chinese for "my"/"mine") and "ta de" (Chinese for "his") using a three-stimulus oddball paradigm. Sixteen participants were visually presented the stimuli (possessive pronouns, small circle and big circle). The results(More)
The present study investigated how positive bias in self-appraisals is differentially modulated when taking a friend's versus a stranger's perspective. Reaction time and event-related potentials were recorded while the participants performed a self-descriptiveness task with positive and negative trait adjectives from one's own perspective, a friend's(More)
Previous studies have reported that when people self-reflect--they typically judge the self as more positive (or less negative) compared to others on a range of dimensions (such as health, social skills, or achievement). In the present study, we investigated whether viewing the self through the eyes of other people reduces this egocentric (self-centered)(More)
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