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Despite the recent advances in access control approaches applicable to grid computing, there remain issues that impede the development of effective access control for grid applications. Amongst them are the lack of context-based models for access control, and reliance on identity or capability-based access control schemes. In this paper, we propose RCBAC(More)
• Design a novel storage and encryption algorithm to manage the keyword dictionary. • Greatly reduce both the dictionary reconstruction overhead and the file index re-encryption time as new keywords and files are added. • Design a novel trapdoor generation algorithm. • Take the keyword access frequencies into account when the system generates the ranked(More)
Clustering entities into dense parts is an important issue in social network analysis. Real social networks usually evolve over time and it remains a problem to efficiently cluster dynamic social networks. In this paper, a dynamic social network is modeled as an initial graph with an infinite change stream, called change stream model, which naturally(More)
Cloud computing is becoming increasingly prevalent in recent years. It introduces an efficient way to achieve management flexibility and economic savings for distributed applications. To take advantage of computing and storage resources offered by cloud service providers, data owners must outsource their data onto public cloud servers which are not within(More)
Role-based access control (RBAC) has significantly simplified the management of users and permissions in computing systems. In dynamic environments, systems are subject to changes, so that the associated configurations need to be updated accordingly in order to reflect the systems' evolution. Access control update is complex , especially for large-scale(More)
Access Control is an important component of Cloud Computing; specially, User access control management; however, Access Control in Cloud environment is different from traditional access environment and using general access control model can't cover all entities within Cloud Computing, noting that Cloud environment includes different entities such as data(More)
The progressively scale of online social network leads to the difficulty of traditional algorithms on detecting communities. We introduce an efficient and fast algorithm to detect community structure in social networks. Instead of using the eigenvectors in spectral clustering algorithms, we construct a target function for detecting communities. The whole(More)
Peer-to-peer (P2P) technology provides an efficient way for resource distribution, and sharing. While most current P2P systems only support queries over a single attribute which limits the popularity of the P2P technology. Full-blown P2P applications require the efficient resource searching supporting multi-dimensional attributes. In this paper, we propose(More)