Ruixian Zhang

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There were 268 kinds of medicines recorded in the book of Lei Gong's Treatise on preparation and broiling of materia medica (Leigong Paozhi Lun). Among these medicines, 178 medicines were prepared with adjuvant medicines, including general and special compatible adjuvant medicines. These adjuvant medicines used in this book can be explained by the theory of(More)
By systemically sorting of non-medical literatures of pre-Qin dynasty such as the Thirteen Confucian Classics, etc, this article made an analysis on the meaning and content of flavor in that period with the Genesis and Epistemology, and pointed out that there were two meanings of the flavor: the first is the flavor or taste obtained by tasting, and the(More)
With the rapid development of Chinese economy, the traditional Chinese medicine has been paid more attention worldwide because of its therapeutic effect and the special health care function. The future contract which was born under the modern economic system, by its price discovery function and the circumvention risk function, occupies the main superiority(More)
Altogether 15 terms for Guang dong xin yu (New Sayings of Guangdong) were used in Ben cao gang mu shi yi (Supplements to Compendium of Materia Medica), including Yue yu (Cantonese sayings), Chong yu (Sayings from Insect Drug), Jie yu (Sayings from Crustacean Drug), Xin yu (New Sayings), Yue hai xiang yu (Fragrant Sayings from Cantonese Region), Yue zhi mu(More)
In the study of materia medica literature, we found of ginseng in Wupu Bencao that "Leaf is a little sharp, root is black and stem is pilous" had been ignored by its subsequent literatures. In this study, the variety of ginseng in Wupu Bencao was researched. We believed the remaining records of ginseng in Wupu Bencao referred to Oplopanax elatus instead of(More)
Many editions of Zheng He Ben Cao was published in Ming Dynasty. The bookstore block-printed editions recorded are Liu's Rixintang Edition in Zhengde year 14 (1519 AD), Yangxianchun Gui Renzai Edition and Jinling Tang's Fuchuntang Edition in Wanli year 6 (1578 AD). Rixintang Edition took Chenghua year 4 (1478 AD) Edition as source text and inherited the(More)
For studying medical works during the Jin and Yuan dynasty, author discussed the factors affect the dosage of medicine that doctors in that period believed to affect the dosage of medicine. Author found that doctors in that period developed the dosage theory in terms of compatibility of medicines, onset time, and onset region of a disease.
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