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LR_Gapcloser: a tiling path-based gap closer that uses long reads to complete genome assembly
LR_Gapcloser is a fast and efficient tool that can be used to close gaps and improve the contiguity of genome assemblies. Expand
HUA ENHANCER1 Mediates Ovule Development
Ovules are female reproductive organs of angiosperms, containing sporophytic integuments and gametophytic embryo sacs. After fertilization, embryo sacs develop into embryos and endosperm whereasExpand
Arabidopsis Chloroplast protein for Growth and Fertility1 (CGF1) and CGF2 are essential for chloroplast development and female gametogenesis
Background Chloroplasts are essential organelles of plant cells for not only being the energy factory but also making plant cells adaptable to different environmental stimuli. The nuclear genomeExpand
[Extra longtime continuous chest compression to rescue cardiopulmonary arrest: a case report and the literature review].
OBJECTIVE The new cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) guideline emphasize the importance of chest compression, which was considered as the first step to CPR. The duration for CPR is usually limitedExpand