Ruituraj Gandhi

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Falls from a height are a major cause of accidental death in urban children. The medical and social data on 61 children admitted over the last decade for falls of one or more stories were reviewed. Seventy-seven percent of the children survived. Of the children who fell three stories or less, all survived (100%). Fifty percent mortality occurred between the(More)
Esophageal resection or replacement has become the standard therapy for severe esophageal strictures chiefly because less aggressive methods generally have failed. We hereby report our experience with 12 consecutive infants and children who have been managed successfully by means of Stamm gastrostomy and string-guided esophageal dilatation, coupled with(More)
Review of 98 endoscopies done over a 4-year period demonstrated that these procedures aided in the diagnosis and management of infants and children with upper gastrointestinal disorders. Endoscopic indications included evaluation of the esophagus in gastroesophageal reflux, achlasia, and lye ingestion; and evaluation of biliary and pancreatic diseases.(More)
Gunshot wounds in children have become a significant source of morbidity and mortality in our community in the last 10 yr. One hundred eight children, 16 yr of age and younger, were admitted to the Pediatric Surgical Service for gunshot wounds during this period; only 1 child was admitted for a gunshot wound in the 10 yr preceding this review. Rapid(More)
Fifty children admitted with closed femur fracture as a single major injury were monitored for change in vital signs and hematocrit. Hypotension was not observed. No child required blood replacement. Only 33% of the children had a measurable change in hematocrit, averaging a four-point drop. There was a marked febrile response to injury in 80% of the(More)
Construction of an external silo dressing over the intact omphalocele membrane allows complete reduction of the giant omphalocele with enlargement of the abdominal cavity before surgical intervention, so that primary closure of the abdominal wall can be achieved. Three infants with giant omphalocele containing a central liver were successfully managed by(More)
The Pediatric Surgical Service of Harlem Hospital Center admitted 75 children, 16-years-old and younger, with stab wounds since 1969. Rapid resuscitation and triage of children with major injuries directly to the operating room achieved 100% survival. Review of the circumstance of injury revealed that 75% of the stab wounds were inflicted by children and(More)